Run Back To Your Roots

It’s not a hobby, it’s a calling. Generations of valuable and useful knowledge and skills are slowly disappearing. Falling victim to time and convenience.  Join us for The Run Back To Your Roots Mission, to keep these traditions and skills alive. 

What is included?

Monthly Skills Challenges

Learn alongside me with engaging and educational guided videos for each month's skills challenge, designed to be both entertaining and informative.

Engaged Community

Learn with other like-minded old souls through our engaged community where you can ask questions, fail/learn together and celebrate your successes!

Resources Library

Build your "Run Back to Your Roots" binder by printing mini ebooks for each month, along with a yearly planner and other resources to help you organize your home!

Welcome to Run Back To Your Roots —

Without hesitation.
With passion.
With reckless abandon.

Starting as suburban kids with a dream in their hearts for a slow, simple and intentional life, Nick and Danielle have spent the past 8 years turning their dreams into realities.  Now, we want to share with you! When this began, we had very little in the way of skills, and less in experience.  through trial and error, calculated risk taking, and faith; our confidence and skills grew.  You can build a dream from nothing.

Have all your need on hand with —

The Resources Library

The Mission of Run Back To Your Roots is to not just learn old fashioned skills but to equip each other with organization to implement these skills into your home's weekly or seasonal rhythm. Our resources library is packed with printables, planners, trackers and resources to build out your Run Back To Your Roots binder and have all you need at your fingertips.